Joystick Exception

Games and programming, coming together in a broken mess.

I’ve been a little busy…

and may have not bothered to work on the website for two months… Soon though…


Starting… as of just before this was posted, I’ve decided to change the name of this blog, and give it a proper one. Presenting…

Joystick Exception

Games and programming, coming together in a disharmonious exception. Expect more soon!

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New projects approach!

I currently have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head, and would like to at least try to make some of them a reality. A few of them rely on certain factors, therefore those will have to wait, but there is one which will be useful to get constructed, as it will be very helpful in the future. Hopefully I’ll work on it at some point, and might have something to show for it eventually.

You can now download absolutely nothing!

There’s a downloads section, I know it’s empty, I haven’t got anything to put there yet, although try out the download code feature with code “helloworld”!

Archived Site Changes

Due to potential changes in the way I structure my login systems, the password reset, user editing and registration functionality of the Archived site have been disabled with instant effect. This has been done as it allows potential modifications to be made easily on the new, main site, without having to maintain legacy support. The Archived site will be phased out soon, although not until all functionality has a sufficient replacement on the new site. As of the writing of this post, registrations and modifications made on the new site are mirrored to the archive, it’s just the legacy pages being removed, and redirecting to their new counterparts.

On a more interesting note, I’m in the process of rolling out social links to the bottom right corner of pages on the new website, serving as a replacement for a contact page, for which I’ll have trouble filling…

It’s slightly working now!

I made a small change so that any comments made will use your username when posted. This is a temp measure until I set things up properly, but feel free to comment now 😀

Blog V2.0 (Hopefully)

So, I’ve decided to try my hand at this old blogging thing again. I’ve moved the blog over to WordPress, although the main site will remain the way it is.